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Man kissing a woman's hand

Does it matter who says ‘I love you’ first?

Yes – it surely does! It matters who speaks first, it matters who calls first and it matters who says …

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Resentful woman

Are you speaking up, or silent and resentful?

Do you let lots of little things upset you or hurt you in your relationship but you generally don’t say …

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Dating in a lovely restaurant

Be dating ready: 3 steps to attract a masculine man

Are you confused trying to figure out the best way to attract a masculine man? Women ask me about this …

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Are you dating?

If you’re dating (or you would like to be) and it’s just not going anywhere. If you’re starting to wonder if love is even possible for you…

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In a relationship?

If your relationship is rocky and you’re wondering “Where did the love go? Can it rekindled?” and you just don’t know what to do…

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Been dumped?

If your relationship has ended, and months or years later you’re having difficulty getting over him or the hurt and moving on…

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