About Dating & Relating

About Dating & Relating

“Focus on how you’ll feel in the relationship of your dreams, rather than on the man of your dreams. That’s when true love starts to happen.”

Professional women over 40 are empowered when they learn how to attract and create a deeply fulfilling, intimate and loving relationship.

There is a unique process that supports women in transforming the relationship they have to their inner masculine and to men in a way that makes life and love a whole lot easier.

Not only do these women become more attractive to a wider range of men, they also learn key skills for negotiating solid, resilient and vibrant relationships – skills that help them to enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of being in a happy and loving relationship with a wonderful man who meets them on many levels.

Acknowledging your gender in relationships

There are biological, psychological and social differences between males and females.

In the workplace men are becoming more feminine whilst women are becoming more masculine; to some degree this is working. However when it comes to lasting, loving relationships there is a greater need to own your own gender, masculinity for males and femininity for females.

It’s about reconnecting with who you are deep inside.

Dating & relating psychology

The dating and relationship advice in this website comes from scientifically researched techniques used by Psychologists and Dating Coaches, who assist people everyday with transforming their personal lives.

Here you will discover ways in which you can coach yourself to have healthier and happier love relationships.