• Internet dating

    Is online internet dating for you?

    If you’re considering dating again I really encourage you to consider online dating as an important part of your dating process. The internet revolution offers you a convenient and affordable alternate way to meet great men. And it can be easy and fun when you …

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  • The end of the relationship

    Why lovers can’t be friends

    I often get asked by women who have just broken up “Can I be friends with my ex?” And I always tell them this ~ “Lovers can’t be friends until they’re lovers with other people.” And the reason that I tell them this is very simple: biology …

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  • Man kissing a woman's hand

    Does it matter who says ‘I love you’ first?

    Yes – it surely does! It matters who speaks first, it matters who calls first and it matters who says “I love you” first. And this will depend on whether you’ve chosen to be the yin feminine energy or the yang masculine energy in the …

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  • Resentful woman

    Are you speaking up, or silent and resentful?

    Do you let lots of little things upset you or hurt you in your relationship but you generally don’t say anything? Perhaps you don’t want to make waves or you’re scared of upsetting him. So you bottle everything up until you’re so angry you explode …

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  • Dating in a lovely restaurant

    Be dating ready: 3 steps to attract a masculine man

    Are you confused trying to figure out the best way to attract a masculine man? Women ask me about this all the time. I ask them, “Are you dating ready?”

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  • Money issues in dating and relationships - Who pays on the date?

    Who pays on the date?

    You’ve had the blow wave, your nails are done and you’re wearing that cheeky figure-hugging dress you bought. It’s been a wonderful first date – fun, entertaining, interesting and sexually electric between you. He gets the bill

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  • Couple in difficult relationship

    Vulnerability is a rare thing for a man to find in a woman nowadays

    “As soon as I feel connected or attracted to a man I become cool – because I’m scared of showing vulnerability.” That sentence was part of an email sent by a friend who was coming up against a major block that many professional women experience, …

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  • Saying Thankyou

    If he’s stopped giving to you

    It’s so easy to feel negative towards your man if he becomes critical of you and stops doing the little things that he used to do. If you’re in a relationship You might be finding it almost impossible to get your man to help you …

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