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Be dating ready: 3 steps to attract a masculine man

Are you confused trying to figure out the best way to attract a masculine man?

Women ask me about this all the time. I ask them, “Are you dating ready?” And they always reply, “What’s dating ready?”

Being dating ready is

  • Knowing how to present yourself in a way that appeals to a masculine man
  • Knowing how to flirt with him
  • Being very clear if you want to be pursued or do the pursuing in the dating dance.

Use these 3 easy steps to help get you dating ready.

1Step 1:  Men are very visual. Dress to attract.

I know that you want to be loved for yourself and for your good heart, but he’s not going to fall in love with your wonderful heart first – he’s going to fall in love with your sensual female side first.

Masculine men are very visual. They must be attracted to what they see first. This does not mean that you must be a perfect beauty. That’s not what we’re aiming for; as when a man is playing for keeps he’s going to be ultimately more attracted to a loving personality than supermodel perfection.

But you’ll give yourself more opportunities to have a far wider group of men interested in you if you aim to look healthy and groomed and show that you like being in your body.

So spend time every day to make yourself look the very best you can. Just this one thing will make you feel more confident – and a confident woman is enormously attractive to a man.

Tip: Ask around the department store makeup counters for someone who can do great makeup that’s not too heavy. If you don’t wear makeup implement a good skin care regime so that your skin looks healthy and glowing. A great hair cut and color can really make a huge difference to your looks and confidence too.

Consider hiring a personal wardrobe stylist. A stylist can help you find ways to stop hiding your body under baggy clothing while highlighting your best assets, no matter what age you are or shape you’re in.

2Step 2:  Practice flirting every day.

Now that you’re looking great I want you to go out and flirt with men. I know for some of you the thought of this is absolutely daunting! But you must let a man know that you’re interested and available.

I know you don’t want to look desperate, so here’s the way to approach it. Don’t go out with the intention of meeting a man first off. I want you to flirt for fun. Just practice flirting with men in general.

Tip: Here’s a great 5 second flirting technique to help you. When a man looks at you, hold his gaze for 5 seconds – count them. For the first 3 seconds you’ll give him the most inviting gaze you can imagine and then on 4 and 5 you’ll break into a warm smile. Make sure you keep eye contact the whole time – and count slowly!

When you look at a man or happen to catch his eye for 2 or 3 seconds that’s fairly normal. But when you hold his gaze for 5 seconds, it’s the 4th and particularly the 5th second accompanied with your smile that lets him know that you’re interested. Your heart might be in your mouth by the time you get to five but it’ll be well worth it ~ I promise.

Remember it doesn’t matter if he looks away or isn’t interested. There are many reasons why a man might do this and you’re just practising. So practice your 5 second flirt technique at least 5 times every week – flirt in the check out line, in an elevator, on the street; any time to start with.

3Step 3: Decide if you want to be pursued or do the pursuing, and be determined to follow through on that decision.

This step is the most critical. You must decide to be either the pursuing masculine energy or the pursued feminine energy. And please remember that this is not gender based. A Harvard study showed that about 1 in 3 males like to be pursued and 1 in 3 females like to do the pursuing.

If you’re interested in attracting a masculine man then you must be the one who is pursued. You must be passive, patient and vulnerable (and yes, I know these are unwelcome words for a proactive professional woman to hear).

You must let him approach you first and speak first. Let him ask for your phone number and don’t offer it or suggest catching up for lunch or a drink.

Tip: If a masculine man gives you his card and asks you to call him, say nothing. Simply take his card, write your number on it and hand it back to him with a smile.

It’s important if you’re the feminine energy that you don’t pursue a masculine energy man. If you give him your number instead of taking his, it will stop you from taking action and calling or texting if you get impatient waiting for him to call you.

So if you’re interested in attracting a masculine man, practice your flirting and make sure that you look good, taste good, smell good and feel good.

Until next time… Be open to Love